[syslinux] memdisk etherboot integration

Gordon Dey gordon.dey at fidus.ca
Tue Jun 15 13:55:53 PDT 2004

I've used etherboot to create a zrom that successfully brings a image of a 
bootable floppy into high memory. What I'd like to do is glue memdisk in so 
that it can hook int13 and serve the transferred image for booting when 
etherboot hands control back to the BIOS.

The trick, and this is where I'd appreciate "gotchas", pointers or "this is an 
approach I used" thoughts, appears to be gluing Peter (HPA)'s memdisk.asm 
nasm code (3.0.8) into etherboot (5.3.7 soon .8) gcc (3.3.4) code. 
For example, It appears to depend on nasm to generate the necessary 
_binary_memdisk_bin_{start|end|size} labels for finding the header and patch 
locations, and for copying down to 16:16 memory. Stuff that a simple port 
won't do.

73, Gord.

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