[syslinux] pxelinux limits on imagefile for tftp transfer?

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu Jun 17 14:28:12 PDT 2004

Martin Egloff wrote:
> Hello specialists
> In setting up a diskless X-Terminal I got stuck with the transfer of the 
> ramdisk from the
> server to the target.
> With a ramdisk image size of about 60 Mb things go well, the file gets 
> transfered completely and Linux boots perfectly.
> With a ramdisk image size of about 104 Mb the tftp transfer of the 
> kernel succeds but
> the transfer of the ramdisk image fails.  As tftp daemon I use atftpd. 
> Is log says:
> tftpd:   Requested file to big, increase BLKSIZE
> At the end, the image is going to be 150 Mb. Is there any experiance out 
> there with this size of image to transfer?
> Is there a way to convice pxelinux to use another (bigger) blocksize?
> Any help is apreciated

What version of atftpd?  If this happens with 0.7, we should send a bug report 
to the atftpd people (in the meantime you can use tftp-hpa); if this is an 
earlier version, try atftpd 0.7.

With unicast TFTP, block numbers should just roll over harmlessly.  Doesn't 
work with multicast, however, but PXELINUX doesn't use it.


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