[syslinux] Ptruvfcc H_y_d_r_0_c_0_d_0_n_e, pain medicati0n available

kasey dunbar jeanbrundidge at thereisnogod.com
Thu Jun 24 07:11:40 PDT 2004

dettimre  copem  fntpak  

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A man was travelling abroad in a small red car. One day he left the car and
went shopping. When he came back, its roof was badly damaged. Some boys told
him that an elephant had damaged it. The man did not believe them, but they
took him to a circus which was near there. The owner of the elephant said,
'I am very sorry! My elephant has a big, round, red chair. He thought that
your car was his chair,and he sat on it!' Then he gave the man a letter, in
which he said that he was sorry and that he would pay for all the damage. 
When the man got back to his own country, the customs officers would not
believe his story. They said, 'You sold your new car while you were abroad
and bought this old one!'  It was only when the man showed them the letter
from the circus man that they believed him.
There was a farmer who raised watermelons. He was doing pretty well but he
was disturbed by some local kids who would sneak into his watermelon patch
at night and eat his watermelons. After some careful thought he comes up
with a clever idea that he thinks will scare the kids away for sure. So he
makes up a sign and posts it in the field. The next day the kids show up and
they see this sign, which says, "Warning, one of the watermelons in this
field has been injected with cyanide." So the kids run off and make up their
own sign, which they post next to the sign that the farmer made. The farmer
shows up the next day to look over his field. He notices that no watermelons
are missing but he notices a new sign next to his. He drives over to the
sign and takes a look. It says, "Now there are two"
shinkash3tiyuri02yokomoto,reibai indekkus. 

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