[syslinux] Syslinux + integrated flash disk

Dag Sverre Seljebotn dss at fredtun.no
Thu Jun 24 06:17:12 PDT 2004

Thanks for the response!

> The problem is that mkdosfs set this value always to 0,
> which is the correct value only for a floppy without a
> partition table.
> You can try to adjust this value manually, or change the
> ldlinux.asm file to always consider the disk like an harddisk
> and not like a floppy.

I tried the last one, changing line 334:
"js harddisk" --> "jmp short harddisk"

I don't know ASM so this was mostly guesswork, hope it has the intended effect 
(I also tried without the "short").

Didn't help though, the response was just like before. In case this was the 
problem I also tried making FAT filesystem in the beginning of the disk (ie. 
no MBR, just like a floppy) and with pristine syslinux; nothing happened at 
all, a halt without any output.

So no success so far. Back to where I was: The NT bootloader works fine, 
replacing it with any other bootloader (LILO, syslinux or etherboot) doesn't. 
I'm still wondering if it is something I do wrong or if it has to do with 
BIOS incompatability... does anyone know what the BIOS requirements of the NT 
loader is, and how syslinux differs from the NT loader? (Except from the 
obvious one about being in a NTFS filesystem vs. FAT.)

// Dag Sverre

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