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The problem is all my images over 10Mb will fail to load with memdisk.(test pc is a P4 2.4Ghz with 512Mb ram )
With Bochs, i'm using hard disk images and they're bootable in Bochs and well detected by memdisk but won't boot. I even tried to boot on some other support after a failling memdisk boot to see if there were the files i put in the hard disk image and they were here.
If there is a tool to make hard disk image who will work for sure with capacity over 10Mb, it would be great.
I don't know howto take the MBR +boot sector from a working bootable hard drive and putting it in an image.
Anyway thanks for replying and i hope we can solve my problem.

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> > Hi
> > I'm having a hard time in making a hard drive image which 
> > will boot with memdisk. Any of my tries with disk creator 
> > from bochs won't work with 100Mb hard drive image.I also 
> > tried to make one using a real hard drive and winimage and it 
> > didn't work. Is there a tutorial for making such images ? I 
> > would like to make them under windows but i can also make 
> > them under linux if needed. My goal is to boot an hard drive 
> > image between 100Mb and 50Mb with memdisk. Thanks for your answer. FM.
> Are you using partition images or harddisk images? You need images with a Master Boot Record (MBR) and a 32K offset to the actual partition. AFAIK WinImage can only handle the partition part.
> BTW: Windows will usually not work in a RAM disk. I have seen Win95 running successfully, but that's tricky and probably not worth the effort.
> DOS will run from large images without any trouble.
> Oliver.

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