[syslinux] A question about bootable CD's

Tony dat_mancd at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 26 13:23:18 PST 2004

My system hangs while booting from a CD using SysLinux (2.08).  I think that the driver hooks into the INT13 and INT15 handlers, writing their new handler hook into the Extended BIOS Data Area (EBDA) used by Phoenix BIOS for BIOS data information.  This area is used and modified during legacy USB SMI's. I think that the hang happens because the new handler hook for INT13 or INT15 gets corrupted after the legacy USB SMI when any bootable USB device is connected causing the system to get the invalid opcode interrupt handler, INT6. I think that the driver should not place thier handler in areas already reserved by BIOS in the E820 table. Am I correct?  Is there a way to fix this?  Thanks!


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