[syslinux] Feature request

bobby boban.spasic at chello.at
Sat May 1 01:26:02 PDT 2004

A couple of time a was in situation that I needed memdisk to emulate
TWO floppies for me. Let's give an example: Kaspersky Antivirus makes
two rescue floppyes, one with ext2 filesystem, one with FAT12
filesystem. Ext2 floppy is bootable and loads fine with memdisk and it
search for 2nd floppy to be inserted in floppy drive. This two
floppies don't have chance to be combined in one 2.88 floppy.
The solution will be to have memdisk capable of loading first
(bootable) one as 2nd drive (DOS drive B:) and 2nd floppy as first drive
(DOS drive A:).
Is it possible to code this feature, to make memdisk loading two
floppy images at once, one emulating first floppy drive, 2nd to
emulate 2nd floppy drive, and to specify from which one should be booted?

Sorry for my English...

Best regards,
Boban Spasic aka bobby100                          mailto:boban.spasic at chello.at

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