[syslinux] SYSLINUX 2.09, 2.10-pre1 released

Gebhardt Thomas gebhardt at HRZ.Uni-Marburg.DE
Wed May 5 08:19:55 PDT 2004

On Thursday 29 April 2004 17:20, you wrote:


> Till such a feature comes along, you can implement the same
> functionality as follows:
> * Create a menu, with options corresponding to the different isolinux
> labels
> * Set pcelinux.cfg to run the menu directly without any wait.
> This way you get a slightly user friendly interface and the users dont
> have access to the pxelinux boot prompt.

I tried to do that 


DEFAULT mymenu.com

but still have two problems

1. I can escape the menu system and get the syslinux boot prompt with either 
"ESC" or  "arrow left" in the main menu. Did I do something wrong?

2. Can I easily configure the menu system to do something (boot from the
local disk) after a specified timeout, i.e., can I configure a noninteractive
default boot?

My intention is as follows:
I have a bunch of windows hosts, and want to supply the possibility to
boot a diskless Linux by PXE.
1. If the user who boots the machine does nothing at all, it should boot
windows, just as before.
2. A linux user should not be able to get root privileges by supplying
additional kernel boot arguments.

Thanks, Thomas

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