[syslinux] ONTIMEOUT and menu

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fri May 14 12:27:15 PDT 2004

Aaron McSorley wrote:
> Maybe I missed something here.
> What I want to happen is PXE boot on a timeout will boot to 
> the hard drive. But, what happens is my comboot menu, which is default,
> loads right away and the ontimeout only happens when I escape out of 
> the menu. 

As long as you're in the menu, from syslinux' perspective you're running 
a program, and no timeouts apply (heck, syslinux doesn't even have control.)

There probably should be a way to pass a timeout to the menu as a 
command-line option, instead of having to recompile the menu.


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