[syslinux] Re: problem and maybe bug in 2.08 and later with vmware 4.5.1

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun May 23 13:25:58 PDT 2004

Arkadiusz Patyk wrote:
>>I found a problem with pxelinux in 2.08 and 2.09pre13 when working with
>>vmware 4.5.1 (the latest with builtin support fpr pxe-boot). With 2.07 and
>>2.01 it works without problems. But when trying the later versions there is
>>trouble. I reach pxeboot.msg
>>and it shows fine but when I try to choose an image it dosent give keyboard
>>feedback (first I thought it had hanged) but after some testing it showed
>>that it just dont give direct feedback until 300 sek (aprox) has gone. If I
>>have made a correct choice, for example
>>number 4 and return. After 300 sekunds the choice is showed and the loading
>>start and finsishes without problem.
>>Some real delays occuring here.
> I have this same problem with pxelinux 2.09 and 2.10-pre3.
> pxelinux-2.07 works fine.
> vmware 4.5.1build 7568 runing on windows xp

It's a bug in the VMWare PXE stack.  There isn't anything I can do about it.


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