[syslinux] syslinux hard drive boot problem

Mathew Plattz plattze at hotmail.com
Sun May 23 17:42:23 PDT 2004

I've recently moved from pxegrub to pxelinux (well, syslinux...) for many 
benefits.  (memory fingerprint, etc)

Its running perfectly, and exactly how I like it, except.


DOES NOT actually mount and boot the hard drive.  All it seems to be doing 
is actually return error to the BIOS, which then boots the next device in 
it's list.

This isnt a problem on most systems, but on some systems which have 3rd 
party SCSI/SATA RAID Cards, the BIOS only shows the option for "1st Device" 
to either, "boot network, boot scsi/raid"

So, when syslinux boot, it kicks in the 1st device (network) then when I 
want to hdd boot (LOCALBOOT 0) - it returns, then kicks in 2nd device (where 
there isnt an option for "scsi/raid", only cdrom, floppy, hdd)

Before when we used grub, grub manually mounted the hdd, then booted it.

Is there a CVS patch to make syslinux do this isn't of merely just returning 
an error to the BIOS?


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