[Etherboot-users] Re: [syslinux] pxelinux.0

Steve Glines sglines at is-cs.com
Tue May 25 15:09:56 PDT 2004

This time I'm using etherboot 5.3.7 with just default options set. I had 
been using 5.2.4. The tftp server is tftpd-hpa. I no longer get the "not 
a valid image" message bit I'm stuck at:

Loading ......

It's been there for a good 10 minutes.

H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> Steve Glines wrote:
>> When I point dhcp to the linux image it downloads it and attempts to 
>> boot the image but I get a panic. If I point dhcp to pxelinux.0 I get 
>> the "not a valid image" error.
> What version of Etherboot do you have, and with what options set?
>     -hpa
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