[syslinux] Boot from CD -> system + data on USB storage

Thomas Schlosser tschloss at web.de
Fri Nov 12 06:55:09 PST 2004

Yes, MY system should be a Linux based system.
But afaik Knoppix has all the system on the CD and runs an emulation. I 
would prefer to have a system which is updateable easily and runs in an 
emulated mode. And maybe I would prefer to use a SUSE 9.2 which I have 
on my PC as well (but this is only a nice to have).

So I think I need a boot-CD which contains only a bootloader to boot a 
system which sits actually on the USB drive.
I think Isolinux provides part of the solution but I do not (yet) know 
exactly how the CD is to be configured & mastered  and how the harddiskt 
has to look like to be used for phase 2 of the boot process.

I still hope that there is a ready to use solution out there and/or an 
exact how-to.


Christian Marg wrote:

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>Thomas Schlosser wrote:
>>I am looking for a solution to boot MY system on any PC.
>>Is this an easy thing - are there ready to use solutions out there?
>AFAIK Knoppix is able to do just about what you need. It boots (and runs
>from) from CD, supporting to store personal config/data on an USB
>device. Of course it's a Linux - but since you didn't specify what
>system "MY" system is...
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