[syslinux] feature request/reminder - alias / bootsector

Blaauw,Bernd B. B.Blaauw at student.fontys.nl
Tue Nov 30 19:53:42 PST 2004

sorry for the outlook web access layout.

The desired effect is that all three labels execute the 'kernel memtestp' statement, without requiring this 'kernel memtestp' statement 3 times.

*find label
*if label found, find first line with 'kernel' (or 'localboot') statement, and execute it, and see, in case of 'kernel' codeword, if the next line contains an 'append'

it was just a suggestion, I'm not able to code it so I won't try to force anyone to do it :)

tomorrow I might try your re-arranged specified order, but I think it won't work (execute memtestp by entering 1 of the 3 allowed labels).


I think you can already do that, but you have to specify them in the order:

label foo
   kernel memtestp
label bar
label memtest

Changing that would be a lot of work.


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