[syslinux] Display file problem with PXELINUX

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun Oct 17 21:12:12 PDT 2004

Brinley Craig wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am having trouble with pxelinux display file not calling the correct name to
> retrieve the graphic image. I guess the filename length is determained
> the first time ^X is used, and doesnt re-size the field name on next call.
> For example when cycling through F1 - F2 - F3
> the f1 image displays fine, and its the longer name
> f2 & f3 just display the text and no image, output from tftpd-hpa
> shows the incorrect names being called. i am using sarge syslinux-2.11-0.1
> RRQ from filename pxelinux.cfg/default
> RRQ from filename display/brin.txt
> RRQ from filename display/brins-pxe.lss	(works OK)
> RRQ from filename display/knoppix.txt	(calls logo.16)
> RRQ from filename display/logo.16xe.lss	(incorrect name tried)
> RRQ from filename display/debian.txt	(calls splash.rle)
> RRQ from filename display/splash.rlelss	(incorrect name tried)
> RRQ from filename display/brin.txt		(calls brins-pxe.lss)
> RRQ from filename display/brins-pxe.lss	(works OK)
> Thanks for any Help,
> i have double checked the display files have a <LF> at the end.
> looks to be a bug. but SYS/PXE/ISO-LINUX rocks.

OK, looks pretty obvious what the problem is.  Shouldn't be too hard to fix.


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