[syslinux] Booting LINUX from external USB Hard Drive

Quinn plattel at tiscali.dk
Fri Oct 22 07:34:26 PDT 2004

H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> Quinn wrote:
>> The problem booting msdos directly from the USB drive is not so 
>> important
> >
> If you can't boot it directly, odds are there is no way MEMDISK is 
> going to work.  I don't want to spend my time chasing ghosts.
>     -hpa
Ok, after 3 hours debugging the syslinux boot problem from usb, i 
finally solved the problem.  Apparently,
the BIOS, MBR, and the first partition tables boot record were not 
agreeing on the geometry of the usb drive.
The best way to solve that problem is to do all the operations (fdisk, 
format c:, sys c:) on the system that the usb drive is
going to boot on.  That way everyone agrees on the correct geometry of 
the usb drive.

BUT, even after syslinux can boot from the usb-drive and memdisk loads 
the msdos images, memdisk still cannot boot
from the imaged boot floppy.  The same results come up - PC DOS hangs 
after displaying "Startings PC-DOS..." and MS-DOS
just hangs period.

Peter, this can't be chasing ghosts anymore.  Can you at least try once 
to do the same as I did.  Create a bootable
usb drive, install syslinux on it, and then try to boot a imaged dos 
floppy via memdisk?

Btw, I noticed that I was replying to your personal e-mail - sorry about 
that - it should be in the syslinux mailing list.


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