[syslinux] return of the stupid!

Howard Young Howard.Young at aul.co.uk
Wed Sep 8 09:12:12 PDT 2004

I am not sure what to read to find out about creating a PXE boot disk.
I have used the rom-o-matic site's latest stable (eb-5[1].2.5-rtl8139.zpxe), and found that booting the system displayed this error:
PXE->EB  err

I also tried using eb-5[1].3.9-rtl8139.zpxe and found that booting the system launched into a constant stream of "No PXE PXE-???" repeating without carriage return and varying slightly.

On our network there is a Windows 2000 DHCP Server and an RIS Server. I know that the setup works with the PXE ROM NIC's so I assume (and after testing the same thing on an LNE Card, with the appropriate romomatic PXE) I have more (as usual) to learn!, but what...?

If someone has seen this error before,
Or knows of a document that details the meaning of PXE->EB as the err I would pleased to read it.

I will keep searching for information but seem to be unable to find anything that details the stages of creating a PXE boot disk, leading me to think it must actually be this simple but I am .. unfortunate.

As usual if this is the wrong mailing list! I apologise.


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