[syslinux] serial vs console and serialonly

Jim Cromie jcromie at divsol.com
Sat Sep 11 00:03:53 PDT 2004

hi hpa, etal

I found a patch against 2.06 that turned off console when serial was in use.
This patch works, but appears to turn off the console unconditionally.

I went to see how it would fit in 2.11, and it seems youve already started
adding this feature.   If so great, but how do I control it from a 
config-file ?
I didnt see any new keywords.

Also, it appears that get_msg_file: writes to both serial & console 
is that your intent ?
                mov byte [DisplayMask],07h      ; Display text in all modes

Also, Im seeing a possible bug in 2.06 wrt a global APPEND not being
overridden by a specific KERNEL line

(sorry for vagueness, Ill check more thoroughly tomorrow - and against 2.11
- its late and Im tired - and probly a little sloppy)

your FAQ says
The options are added at the very beginning of the kernel command line, 
usually permitting explicitly entered kernel options to override them.

im wondering what 'usually' does not include.

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