[syslinux] Problem with syslinux booting via network in floppy image

Jason Dravet dravet at calumet.purdue.edu
Wed Sep 15 09:45:43 PDT 2004

I too use the 3Com boot menu.  I have the exact same problem of cannot find
the ramdisk: initrd.gz with all versions of syslinux since 1.72.  Download
1.72 and install this version of syslinux on the floppy, then use the 3Com
Boot Image Editor to create an image of the floppy, then edit the pxe file
(usually deploy.pxe) to include the new image.  

I have met with resistance to fixing this problem.  I once offered to look
at and find the differences between 1.70 and 1.71.  1.70 does not work, but
1.71 and 1.72 do work.  Unfortunately I was unable to setup the environment
needed to compile syslinux.  I am told that I would need to get and install
the mingw compiler.  I found the mingw compiler homepage, but I am not sure
what I would need to download.  I use Fedora Core 2, so do I still need the
gcc from mingw?  I had several other type questions, so I gave up.  

It was also suggested that a packet capture might show the problem, but I
have not had time to look at getting the packet sniffer in the room, setup,
capture a 1.72 packet transfer, capture a 2.11 packet transfer, etc.  This
is on my things to do list.  


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