[syslinux] Western Digital Diagnostic Utilities problems...

Trentent Tye trentent at voodoopc.com
Wed Sep 22 14:02:36 PDT 2004

Western Digital Diagnostic Utilities problems...
PROBLEM: Western Digital Diagnostic DOS based utility does not work with the
latest ISOLinux (2.11).

I utilize ISOLinux and memdisk at work to load various DOS diagnostic
utilities from various floppy images.  Here is my ISOLinux Configuration
file (isolinux.cfg)

default 0
display bootmsg.txt
prompt 1
F1 bootmsg.txt
F2 F2.txt
F3 F3.txt
label 0
localboot 0x80
label a
localboot 0x00
label q
localboot -1
label 1
    kernel mtest86
label 2
    kernel memdisk
    append initrd=WDDIAG.img
label 3
    kernel memdisk
    append initrd=dft.img
label 4
    kernel WNPE.bin
label 5
    kernel WRAM.bin
label 6
    kernel RECV.bin
label 7
    kernel I386.bin
timeout 200

The Western Digital image is the WDDIAG.img file.  You can download the
floppy creator first here:
After extracting and running the file, it will install the Western Digital
Diagnostic tools onto a floppy where you have to image back to the computer
(I use WinImage).  Add that file to your ISOLinux CD and it won't boot (for
me at least).  This does work with an older version of ISOLinux (1.5-1.6
The floppy may not be bad, however, it is directly tied in with Western
Digital Diagnostic utility on the floppy (dlgdiag.exe) that causes the
crash/reboot.  If you set the autoexec.bat to *not* launch any files, you
will get to a DOS prompt.  Then, if you execute DLGDiag.exe that the
computer crashes/reboots.  If I move that executable to another floppy image
(say, the Win98SE floppy) and execute it their after launch, the computer
will reboot as well, so that rules out filesystems.

I've tried searching the maillist, but it appears I'm the only one
encountering this problem, sadly, and have very little programming ability
so I can't do much to debug.  If someone else can verify this and maybe if
we could get a fix under way (the DLGDIAG.exe works on the older version of
ISOLinux, so it's got to be something added in the in-between... right? ;))
I would be hugely greatful.

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