[syslinux] Problem with syslinux booting via network in floppy image

Jason Dravet dravet at calumet.purdue.edu
Thu Sep 23 16:41:31 PDT 2004

Thank you for the information.  I was planning on trying to work on this
this week, but one of my servers decided to act up.  I will try to get to
this next week.



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Jason Dravet wrote:
> I too use the 3Com boot menu.  I have the exact same problem of cannot
> the ramdisk: initrd.gz with all versions of syslinux since 1.72.  Download
> 1.72 and install this version of syslinux on the floppy, then use the 3Com
> Boot Image Editor to create an image of the floppy, then edit the pxe file
> (usually deploy.pxe) to include the new image.  
> I have met with resistance to fixing this problem.  I once offered to look
> at and find the differences between 1.70 and 1.71.  1.70 does not work,
> 1.71 and 1.72 do work.  Unfortunately I was unable to setup the
> needed to compile syslinux.  I am told that I would need to get and
> the mingw compiler.  I found the mingw compiler homepage, but I am not
> what I would need to download.  I use Fedora Core 2, so do I still need
> gcc from mingw?  I had several other type questions, so I gave up.  

You only need mingw to compile the Win32 installer.  You can use make -k to 
bypass that error if you don't have it, or remove it from the Makefile.


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