[syslinux] Problems with multiboot DVD and isolinux > 3.07

Christian Schneider ch_schneider_hi at freenet.de
Sat Dec 10 08:10:39 PST 2005

Hi Gustavo,

Am Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2005 18:10 schrieb Gustavo Guillermo Pérez:
> I'm intrested in your tool, I'm using cdfs driver for 2.6.X to
> extract 2kb boot sectors, but cause I was trying with newer versions
> of syslinux, I was not able to chain, as I said in an older post.
> But I'm not a syslinux hacker to know why doesn't
> :)

I do not know if I understand you, but my tool cannot be used to 
_extract_ boot sectors. It just writes the boot info table to a file 
inside the iso image and copies the first 2kB of this file to another 
file inside the iso image.

If you want to extract a boot sector of a CD or CD image, you have to 
use another tool. As I did not know cdfs before, I have written a bash 
script (with very limited features) to extract CD boot sectors. Do you 
want this tool instead?


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