[syslinux] chaining multiple and separate pxelinux.0

Nathaniel Griswold griswold at upl.cs.wisc.edu
Wed Dec 21 20:49:45 PST 2005

hello, i noticed in a past message:

Arco wrote:
>> I want to chain multiple servers with pxelinux initiated from a ris server.
>> (Correct me if i'm wrong)
>> The Ris server sends a tftp-path-prefix location where the pxelinux.cfg is searched.
>> On the ris server I have entries like:
>>   label server2
>>       kernel
>> This fetches the pxelinux from server2 but the pxeconfig.cfg from server1 is used.
>> Can I overrule this with an append option?

>No, not at the moment.
>    -hpa

i would just like to let you know that i would be interested in similar behavior

in my case i would like to chain multiple servers together or
effectively just switch the config on the fly. the reason for doing this
is to create an "always active" network boot menu which can in turn
enter other installers such as debian's (which takes up all menus f1-10)

on a related note, chain booting 1 or more pxelinuxes results in my debian system
having problems initializing its network system, but i realize this
behavior is probably mostly unsupported

thanks for a great and useful program


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