[syslinux] SYSLINUX 3.00-pre8: Let's try this release thing again

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun Jan 2 20:04:00 PST 2005

Blaauw,Bernd B. wrote:
> trivial feature request for a following version of Syslinux installers:
> not only search current directory for LDLINUX.SYS, but also the parent directory of syslinux.exe/.com
> Reason: LDLINUX.SYS seems to be required file, and Syslinux installer must be able to find it.

No, it doesn't; the contents of LDLINUX.SYS is compiled into the binary. 
   syslinux.com/syslinux.exe are completely self-sufficient files.

> However, each installer now is in its own subdirectory, meaning that the installer won't find the required file in its own directory.

Nor does it care to.

> I hope I'm not making myself ridiculous here - I still have to try using the installer. That's easy enough, but it also forces me to repatch another installer (for those ancient computers I mentioned) that will boot Syslinux or a bootsectorfile directly.
> The block-mapped stuff means any defragging/resizing of filesystem will probably make Syslinux not boot again. Is the old installation way still *optionally* available (SYSLINUX -BACKWARDSCOMPATIBLE A:) somehow?:
> No blockmapping, no unbootable bootloader upon defrag/resize,but unfortunately also no FAT32, no extended compatibility. 

Note that FAT filesystem defragmentation programs typically know to 
avoid files with the SYSTEM attribute set, so standard FAT defrag and 
resize programs shouldn't do any harm.

But no, sorry, there is no way in hell I'm going to maintain both the 
old code and the new code.  The old code still exist in the form of 
SYSLINUX 2.13, but I'm not going to maintain it forward.


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