[syslinux] USB booting

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Jan 3 15:29:09 PST 2005

Jim Cromie wrote:
> folks,
> the following is lsusb -v for my 250gb usb hard drive.
> I note the Protocol line mentions zip:
> ie
>      bInterfaceProtocol     80 Bulk (Zip)
> does that mean its one of those USB-ZIP devices ?
> If so, to the parameters below say anything about the CHS settings needed ?

No, 80 is the value for anything that isn't a standard floppy disk.

Whether or not it's used in USB-ZIP mode or USB-HDD mode is strictly a 
matter of BIOS settings.

USB-HDD is the correct mode.  USB-ZIP is fundamentally an abomination, 
but it can usually be dealt with by specifying 64 heads, 32 sectors.

In USB-HDD mode SYSLINUX (or EXTLINUX) will derive the correct geometry 
at runtime, so it matters not one bit what the geometry detected at 
install time was set to.


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