[syslinux] pxelinux feature request

Pierre Neyron pierre.neyron at imag.fr
Tue Jan 4 03:47:09 PST 2005


We would also be very interested in such a configuration file include 

What we are doing here actually, is adding a PXE environement in a 
already existing one, adding a dynamic configuration feature (see my 
previous mails about that: patches for tftpd to generate files on the fly).
As we have a very restricted access to the tftp server and to the files 
it stores, we use an extra one on which we have a full control, in order 
to be able to generate configuration files on the fly (e.g. when 
pxelinux requests it) using scripts.
We cannot change the dhcp next-server option as we may chain some other 
PXE bootstraps that use the original tftp server to retrieve their files 
(kernel, aso...).

As of now, we use a modified version of pxelinux with the tftp server ip 
address being hard coded instead of using the one provided via the dhcp 
option. It fits our needs, but it's definitively not a nice hack.
So, it will be very nice it is possible to specify in a master 
configuration file located on the original tftp server, to actually 
fetch a configuration from another tftp server... In fact, the perfect 
mechanism would be to have pxelinux restart its full configuration file 
lookup (by MAC, then IP, then default...) but using the new tftp server 
address instead of the one provided via dhcp. Furthermore, this way, 
there seems to be no need to have several configuration files opened at 
the same time, am I right ?



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