[syslinux] syslinux vs grub

gabriele balducci balducci at dschgrazlin2.univ.trieste.it
Fri Jan 7 03:42:04 PST 2005

Hi Peter,

> Is it worth bothering with going forward, or am I wasting my time?  If 
> so, what should I be focusing on?

I'm certainly not a guru, nor have I any specific computer science
knowledge (I'm just a chemist).

However, I've been using syslinux (isolinux) to
make boot CD's for my linux boxes since quite a bit. From my really
*narrow* viewpoint:

- it works absolutely great
- it's small
- the first time I've had an installation problem, you were so prompt
  in helping

So, Peter, focus on whatever you want, but, please, keep on maintaining
this great piece of software!!!

Thanks and ciao

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