[syslinux] UNDI packet driver?

Alexander Heinz mailsanmich at gmx.li
Sun Jan 9 08:41:09 PST 2005

> I'm still trying to figure out a good way of booting a DOS disk image
> via PXE and accessing files over a network share.

I use a Dos Boot Disk + PXELinux + memdisk + NICs with PXE/Etherboot + 
M$ Network Client + PCISCAN (www.nu2.nu) + TCP/IP + Samba Server.
It is possible to auto-detect a PCI NIC and load the corresponding 
driver, so you do not need a UNDI packet driver (it needs a lot of 
memory in the 640KB area).

If you still want to use a UNDI packet driver, there is one by Intel and 
one by 3com.
You have to download the Intel PXE PDK (filename is pxe20-pdk.exe) or 
the 3Com MBA Utility Disk v4.30 to get them.

> Having some success with the Microsoft network DOS client, it seems that
> many programs have issues with its IPX support - so, now I'm trying to
> use Novell's IPX driver instead.  Unfortunately it seems I need an ODI
> driver to do this, and there are no UNDI/PXE -> ODI drivers available.

I have never tested the IPX protocol (TCP/IP works great) so I cannot 
tell you anything about it.


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