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Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Sun Jan 9 14:05:26 PST 2005

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On Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 06:16:04AM +0100, Peter Skogström wrote:
> Most people only have one filesystem on their machines. Of course some 
> also need chainloading NTFS, (I havent tested extlinux yet so I dont 
> know if it can be done) but if thats not possible then One can use grub. 

And there is only one boot device ( yes, I do tell obvious things ;-)
That will have only one filesystem type.

> I really think its worth exploring this road (but in this case Im just a 
> user so its easy for me to say..).

Chaining seems reasonable, but I think that is using a bootloader for
bootloading another bootloader.

> You given us sys pxe iso, just keep em coming :-)

And from what I did read on this ML, there is extlinux.
The part that I would miss is, symbolic link support,
is also mentioned/suggested. When it, ext[23] support, is announced
then I can use a bootloader as a bootloader.
(When I need a rescue system, I will use a rescue system[1])

> I have followed your late hard working nights here lately, so I can 
> understand your doubts.
> But syslinux today is a remarkebly piece of software  and so far it have 
> stand the tests of time.

The page at http://www.zytor.com/ is under reconstruction,
nothing wrong with that, but it should have a Paypal Donate button.[2]

> //Peter

Geert Stappers

[1] Here could be more ranting against grub, but we have other things to
do. It was this thread that made realize that I none of the features of
grub use. Never knew that before, thanks!
[2] Free software is something else then free beer.

ext[23] short notation for ext2 and ext3
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