[syslinux] isolinux 3.xx bug very maybe?

Blaauw,Bernd B. B.Blaauw at student.fontys.nl
Sun Jan 9 14:23:06 PST 2005

Is the new Isolinux series effecting hardware in a different way as 2.xx series?
I'm getting a system crash in VMware. I guess this is a Vmware issue, but thought you might want to know.

2.xx series works OK for me.
I get to see 8 dots when loading a 360KB imagefile, following by crash message mentioned below.
Replacing MEMDISK by old version does not matter,
only replacing isolinux.bin 3.05 (debug version) by isolinux.bin 2.xx (debug version) helps successfully loading my 360KB imagefile.

I did not see this until upgrading 1 Vmware beta version to the next, so very probably it's a Vmware error (incomplete or buggy emulation).
Booting through Smart Boot Manager did not help, unfortunately.

2.xx series works OK with Vmware beta versions, 3.xx series only in older Beta release.




are 2 ISO files.
In VMware 5 build 11888 (Win32) one ISO is working, 1 is failing.
Both use the Isolinux bootloader, also used on many Linux distribution cdroms / DVDs.
However the working one has version 2.xx, failing one has version 3.05

Boot from cdrom, then select option 1, and you should see the following:

VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0)
NOT_IMPLEMENTED C:/ob/bora-11888/bora/devices/misc/flashram.c:502
A log file is available in "C:\Documents and Settings\me\Mijn documenten\My Virtual Machines\MS-DOS 12\vmware.log". A core file is available in "C:\Documents and Settings\Bernd\Application Data\VMware\vmware-vmx-9704.dmp". Please request support and include the contents of the log file and core file.
To collect files to submit to VMware support, run cscript vm-support.vbs.
We will respond on the basis of your support entitlement.

any ideas? Older VMware 5Beta did not have this 10608 (or was it 11608).

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