[syslinux] SYSLINUX 3.05 released

Paolo Salvan paolo.salvan at xvision.it
Mon Jan 10 14:34:41 PST 2005


Some lines of your change-log have captured my attention:

>         * The initrd= option now supports multiple filenames separated
>           by commas.  This is mostly useful for initramfs, which can
>           be composed of multiple separate cpio or cpio.gz archives.
>           (Note: all files except the last one are zero-padded to a 4K
>           page boundary.  This should not affect initramfs.)

...Is this feature something related with the feature I asked the 2004.10.27 in
the "[syslinux] Passing one more file after initrd to the kernel..." mail?

To save your time, this is the text of that mail I sent:

Paolo Salvan ha scritto:

> Hi!
> I have a particular need... I'm not sure if this is the right place to
> ask, but surely here there are people that can say me if it is feasible
> or not...
> I'm working for a thin-client distribution (thinstation.sf.net); I want
> to boot it from various media (netowork, cdrom, hd, usb key...), and at
> the moment syslinux/isolinux/pxelinux are doing it very well...
> The problem is that the distribution is composed by a kernel, an initrd
> and a CONFIGURATION TEXT FILE, some kb-long, that should be read by the
> system after boot...
> At the moment I'm solving the problem instaling modules for all the unit
> types (cd, hd, usb...) and fs (iso, fat), mounting the boot unit and
> reading this file after boot...
> It would be quite a cleaner solution if I could pass this file to the
> system directly during the boot phase, tghether woth kernel params and
> initrd... and later if I could read this file in someway after the boot
> (ie in the dev/ or proc/ path)
> In this way the file would be read using BIOS drivers, and if the system
> can boot I would be sure that my conf file would also be read, without
> needing to know which filesystem the system has been booted from, and
> without requiring my mini-system to have a lot of driver used only to
> load this small file...

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