[syslinux] multi-boot CD question

Brent Winfield Woodruff bw44197 at iplm3.appstate.edu
Mon Jan 10 20:20:01 PST 2005

Hello everyone,

I am attempting to add another boot option to our multi-boot technical resource CD where I work. I currently have 8 working floppy disk images, but this time I need to add a piece of software which I only have access to through an ISO image. This ISO image, when burned to a CD, boots and runs the software fine.

I know that isolinux does not support booting ISO images. I used ISObuster on a windows machine (http://www.smart-projects.net/isobuster/) to extract the bootable image part of the ISO. This file had the extension .img, which I renamed to .bin. I then edited my isolinux.cfg file to look like this:

label 8
    kernel memdisk
    append initrd=dft32.img
label 9
    kernel cb.bin

Here, the 'label 8' is an option I already had which works, and is built from a floppy disk image. The section starting 'label 9' is the boot image from the ISO.

I then copied the CD-ROM contents to the directory I am using to build the end-product ISO image. Everything appears to work fine, until the cb.bin image, when loading from the CD-ROM, tries to access a file on the CD to complete booting (the file is IOS.SYS, which I have esured is on the CD).

The output is exactly:

boot: 9

IOS.SYS not found !

BOOT error!

It looks like isolinux is loading the .bin file correctly to me.

So, my questions are: why does the cb.bin image fail to loacte the file on the CD correctly when booting? Does this have something to do with the boot catalog? Would it be better to instead make a hard disk image with the contents of the CD (it is a small piece of software)? If so, is there a guide to doing this available?

Thank you all so much for your time, and for the awesome free software!

Brent W.

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