[syslinux] multi-boot CD question

Brent W. Woodruff bw44197 at appstate.edu
Tue Jan 11 10:09:55 PST 2005

Blaauw,Bernd B. wrote:
> It's important to know what the ISO of the McAfee product looks like.
> If you boot that ISO, does it use no-emulation mode? or diskette
  emulation mode? (you should see a A:), or does it boot some kind of Linux?
> Does your obtained bootsectorfile have a 2KB size?
> Where can we find more info on this McAfee product/tool?
> with which McAfee product is it bundled? VirusScan ?
> Maybe UBCD 3.0 (Ultimate Boot CD) also has this tool.
> Bernd

The McAfee cleanboot does not use emulation according to ISObuster, and 
the bootsector file is 2KB. It is not using diskette emulation mode, and 
if I remember correctly (can verify this when I get to work today) it 
boots a version of PC-DOS (though it goes straight into the program).

I don't think cleanboot is bundled with any virus scan product McAfee 
produces. It is an unsupported product, but my university has volume 
licensed McAfee for students, faculty and staff so we have access to 
software such as this. I can check on links to product information when 
I get in to work today, though I wouldn't be surprised if there are no 
such sites.

I do not have experience with the ultimate boot CD, but they do link to 
the McAfee SDAT from their website. I am familiar with the SDAT to which 
they link; it is the offline update program for McAfee VirusScan 7. The 
SDAT can be used to scan computers without installing McAfee when this 
is set up correctly.

The advantage of using McAfee Cleanboot is that it includes safe NTFS 
write support, and so can be used to scan the hard drive of many Windows 
XP systems without booting up Windows. If the SDAT scan is used, you 
have to rely on whatever write access the underlying operating system 
has, which usually does not include support for NTFS.

Thanks for the reply!

Brent W.

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