[syslinux] Remote HD boot?

myfj1200 at netzero.com myfj1200 at netzero.com
Tue Jan 11 18:36:37 PST 2005

 I have been working with SYSLINUX/PXELINUX Mostly v.2.x recently v3.0 &v3.1 to remote-boot IBM PC's off of 1.44Floppy Images with great success.  I have searched through several distributions and the SYSLINUX package seems to be by far the easiest to work with.. (thanks)

  My question would be: Is it possible to boot a diskless client PC with Complete hard disk images? or even better hard disk contents mounted on the server?

  I am currently running an HP LC2000/r server (2 x 1GHz CPU's, 512RAM, 6 x 9GB SCSI drives)  with Red Hats standard V9 distribution.
This 1 box is running DHCP (ISC v.3) And TFTP (v.?).
This has served me well with PXELINUX booting floppy images.

  The clients I generally run range from IBM 1.8GHz Netvista's ,2.8GHz ThinkCentre's & The IBM Thinkpad T2x Series.  All of these CPU's have the On-Board Intel 10/100 Eternet. The standard RAM is 512MB however depending on the machine are capable of 1.5Gig.  Most of the work I do is running the 100's of Floppy images I have for diagnostic purposes.  

  This is awesome and incredibly faster than loading from floppies as I am sure you know..  What I would like to do is build a CPU with WinXP Then remove the Hard drive from the client.  Take the contents of the Hard disk and place them on the server.  In essence I am looking to have 3 or 4 different boot options with the same box that has no permanent storage inside.
  Is this possible with the SYSLINUX package?  any suggestions?

note:  The network I have set up has no Firewall of any kind or any security concerns.
                 Thanks,   Joe...

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