[syslinux] syslinux build fails with 2.6 linux headers

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed Jan 12 01:03:25 PST 2005

Hendrik Groeneveld wrote:
>>Don't use the kernel headers, or better, submit a patch to the 2.6
>>kernel maintainers.  2.6 isn't going to stand still, either.
> The kernel headers seem to be required...

Actually, the linux-libc-headers seem to be required.  I'd like the 
kernel headers to work too, so please send a bug report/patch.

>>However, "the world" isn't using the kernel headers raw out of the
>>kernel, which is deprecated.  Most people use the linux-kernel-headers
>>adapted for glibc:
> Where is it written that using the headers that were used to build glibc
> (and all the other libraries/programs that use the kernel headers) is
> depreciated? To use anything else, IMHO, is a disaster waiting to happen!

Well, I actually happen to agree, but Linus doesn't.  The 
linux-libc-headers is now the approved substitute for kernel headers in 


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