[syslinux] Remote HD boot?

myfj1200 at netzero.net myfj1200 at netzero.net
Wed Jan 12 06:00:25 PST 2005

  myfj1200 at netzero.com wrote:
> My question would be: Is it possible to boot a diskless client PC 
> with Complete hard disk images? or even better hard disk contents 
> mounted on the server?
That depends. Generally: Yes, Memdisk can emulate Harddisk Images from
Ram. (AFAIK) Not from Network.

I have attempted this with smaller MS loads 100-500MB Fat16/32 Dos/Win9x Builds with no luck.  It runs through the whole boot process up to the infamous "dots"  it will blow about 1 page of dots on the screen until all network traffic stops as do the dots across the screen...Is this a likely RAM issue or am I just creating the image wrong?
  I have been using syntax like :  dd if=/hard disk mount of=disk.img
I have used several different variations of this,  Is this proper?

  I have completly phased out all MS server products from my network however this doesn't mean I'm that "good" at Linux just that "Confident" :)

     Thanks,   JOe...

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