[syslinux] Whither SYSLINUX

James_Martin at ao.uscourts.gov James_Martin at ao.uscourts.gov
Wed Jan 12 12:28:59 PST 2005

syslinux-bounces at zytor.com wrote on 01/12/2005 01:25:20 PM:

> SYSLINUX is certainly useful. I currently start Debian from their 
> boot floppy, which uses SYSLINUX. I found it very easy to edit 
> for ide-scsi setup.


> So maybe you could have it both ways. Your Source Code could be
> available for anybody with the nous to compile it, while Commercial
> Distributors could still make money by distributing the binaries, and 
> some to you.
> Faictz Ce Que Vouldras: Frank Mitchell

Not to feed a troll, but they have that, it's called the BSD license.

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