[syslinux] load syslinux from grub or load grub from syslinux.

Merlin softlib at turbolinux.com.cn
Wed Jan 12 18:13:57 PST 2005


  I have to load a syslinux floppy image from grub using memdisk,
  it works like:

  grub - memdisk -> linux floppy image.
  the linux floppy image is using syslinux as linux bootloader.

  before syslinux 3.02, it works fine. However if syslinux >=3.05
  it doesn't works. After vmlinuz and initrd loaded , before
  boot linux kernel, system hangs.

  Or, is it possible to run grub from isolinux or syslinux ?

Best regards,
 Merlin                            mailto:softlib at turbolinux.com.cn

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