[syslinux] Bad Kernel

Bryan Waters bryanw at abwaters.com
Thu Jan 13 12:35:14 PST 2005

I'm a newbie to bootable kernels and i've actually gotten it working before
but i'm guessing that was luck.  I'm building the kernel by doing a make
bzImage and copying the bzImage into the isolinux directory and renaming it
to vmlinuz.  Then I burn a CD with ISOLINUX on it and my initrd.img file.

I get the initial boot prompt, hit return and get the following messages:

Loading vmlinuz..............
Loading initrd.img.........................
Uncompressing linux...Ok, booting the kernel.

At this point it freezes...I don't get any kernel startup messages at all.
The kernel itself built just fine and i've had the initrd.img working before
with an earlier kernel that I built and somehow got working but i'm not sure
what i've done wrong...maybe i'm using the wrong kernel file?


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