[syslinux] Changing USB-key geometry from syslinux.exe?

Paolo Salvan paolo.salvan at xvision.it
Fri Jan 14 03:45:53 PST 2005

I'm playing with syslinux 3.0x to get PC to boot from USB key...

In particular, I'm giving a look at the "ZIP geometry hack" to get some more
BIOS boot working with USB...

Some question:
- if we have a usbkey with a single partition, can we change the geometry
without requiring to reformat the partition? Or is a reformat unavoidable?

- at the moment we can use the "ZIP geometry hack" only under linux...with
extlinux or mkdiskimage; will we be able to use it under windows also?

More specifically:

- extlinux support a nice "--zip" option to emulate the usb-zip geometry, will
we get this option on syslinux.exe/syslinux.com also? Does this option also
change the active partition number from 1 to 4?

Well, obviously my dream is to use syslinux as a simple way to get a
fat-formatted usb-key bootable, with best compatibility with bugged bioses...
And having all this usable also from windows PCs... ;o)


Paolo Salvan
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