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Blaauw,Bernd B. B.Blaauw at student.fontys.nl
Sun Jan 16 13:51:07 PST 2005

a member of the FreeDOS project has transformed Smart Boot Manager into a COM32 module for Syslinux. Might be a bit more usefull than Syslinux -> memdisk -> imagefile -> Smart Boot Manager ( -> 'boot from cd -> cdrom )

I've inserted it into this diskette image:

That's nice to boot cdroms. There's no way to boot ISOs (yet?). A Linux floppy with kernel+initrd should be able to mount an ISO or ZISOFS file (Knoppix does this for example)

To my knowledge, no one has extracted SBM's eltorito stack yet. It would have been usefull as payload for a project like LinuxBIOS for example, especially now that they have VGA BIOS working properly. Welcome to an opensource BIOS :)

To promote a FreeDOS component a bit more:
the SYS program, also maintained by that same member, is able to transfer system files for all major DOS, and also create a GPL bootsector for it (except Win9x), and additionally it also has the abilities of the COPYBS program in Syslinux package (dump/restore bootsector)

now that I've learned that Syslinux installation files are contained in just a single binary (syslinux.exe/com), it's even easier to create multiboot systems.

a DIFF for the SBM from 'program' --> 'c32 module' is also available.

Next goal: open source ATAPI cdromdriver (improvement).


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