[syslinux] Trouble with Syslinux 3.07 and USB-key

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Jan 17 16:49:22 PST 2005

Paolo Salvan wrote:
> Hi,
> I've a usb-key that boot regularly on a PC using syslinux 2.09; well,
> this PC (a thin-client) at the moment is the only PC that can boot from
> USB in my office... and it usually booted oretty well, without any hacks...
> After changed to syslinux 3.07, it stopped booting, showing a simple
> "BOOT ERROR" message, nothing more...
> Reverting to syslinux 2.09, it restarted to work...
> Formatting the key, syslinux-ing it with 3.07 (with clean key, this 
> time) and recopying the software, it restarted to work, but boot time is 
> about 10 time slower than 2.09.... minutes to load kernel and initrd 
> instead of seconds...
> Note: I'm using win32/syslinux.exe
> Bye!

You already sent this once, and you didn't have any useful information 
about your system in that one either.


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