[syslinux] Re: SYSLINUX 3.08-pre1: fix performance regression

Paolo Salvan paolo.salvan at xvision.it
Tue Jan 18 00:32:09 PST 2005


Just tested.... but the boot continue to be really slow :o(

Say me which info I can send you to help you debug the problem... the 
BIOS is an AMI

It could probably help if in the "3.08preXXX" serie you wirte on the 
screen some debug output, like blocks size



H. Peter Anvin ha scritto:
> I just released SYSLINUX 3.08-pre1.  I believe this should fix the 
> performance regression for SYSLINUX/FAT in the 3.0x releases; it seems 
> that due to a bug in the logic that computes contiguous I/O transfer 
> blocks, the -s option was in effect always enabled.
> USB turns out to be a red herring; it affects all boot media.
> Please try it out and see if it helps your boot performance.
>     -hpa

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