[syslinux] I am new to PXE booting and I have a question about PXE within Red Hat

Jeff Silverman jsilverman at real.com
Tue Jan 18 09:32:32 PST 2005

I find an RPM called PXE in legacy (9.0 and earlier) versions of Redhat
Linux but I don't find it in more recent versions.  Is there a reason
for this or am I missing something?

Is there, somewhere, an instruction for setting up PXE under Red Hat
Fedora Core or Red Hat Enterprise?

I want to roll out a large number of machines with only an Ethernet card
for I/O and PXE seems to be The Right Way to do it but figuring out how
it works seems challenging.  Thank you.

Jeff Silverman
echo "wfvyirezna at erny.pbz" | tr "a-z" "n-za-m"

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