[syslinux] bootsplash in initramfs and isolinux

David Wilk davidwilk at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 13:00:51 PST 2005


I use isolinux very successfully to boot a CD on which I have a kernel
with an initramfs compiled in that holds the bootsplash as well as an
external initrd with a boot script.  the CD boots fine and everything
works the way it should.

My problem is actually when I try to boot the same kernel and initrd
from the HD of a machine (easy way to boot the CD without altering the
BIOS).  For some reason, the kernel fails to load it's initramfs when
it's booted from the HD by lilo.

I know this isn't the Lilo mailing list.  Actually, my question is,
what does isolinux do so special that makes this work so well from the
CD?  Or, put a different way, does anyone know why the kernel loads
it's initramfs fine when booted by isolinux, but not so when bootedy
by Lilo?

oh, and append line is the same in both cases.


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