[syslinux] Load setupldr.bin using isolinux

Blaauw,Bernd B. B.Blaauw at student.fontys.nl
Fri Jan 21 14:38:37 PST 2005

;1 is removed by -N option for MKISOFS, I think.
Also uppercase is required, otherwise booting Windows will fail.
An unofficial mkisofs2.01 branch contains the parameter -force-uppercase 
(and '-duplicates-once')

Bart Lagerweij's PEbuilder uses MKISOFS for his BartPE (bootable liveCD based on Windows XP / 2003 and Windows Preinstallation Environment). His tool is called PEbuilder.

If Easy CD Creator now supports Isolinux, would Nero (www.ahead.de) also support Isolinux?

mkisofs.exe @c:\params.txt -force-uppercase -o result.iso %BASEDIR%

my params.txt:
-q -l -N -duplicates-once -boot-info-table -iso-level 4 -no-emul-boot -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -p "Jeremy Davis" -publisher "FreeDOS - www.freedos.org" -A "FreeDOS beta9 Distribution" -V FDOS_BETA9

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+ Extract the boot sector of a Windows CD (or download the boot sector 
from nu2.nu or any other place)
+ Put it in your ISOLINUX directory
+ Tell ISOLINUX to boot from it and tell ISOLINUX that it is a "kernel"
+ *MOST IMPORTANT* When you make the iso image, turn off version 
numbers. By default all files get a ";1" added to the file name 
(supposed to say that it is version number 1). So the file on the CD is 
actually "SETUPLDR.BIN;1". You need to turn this off, since the Windows 
Boot Sector expects to find a file called "SETUPLDR.BIN" without a ";1". 
This should not affect anything else.

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