[syslinux] Minimizing linux

Marc Haisenko haisenko at webport.de
Mon Jan 24 01:04:36 PST 2005

On Sunday 23 January 2005 13:47, Kharisma Esguerra wrote:
> anybody knows how to make a certain linux distro small?

While this is very off-topic I'll try to answer it nevertheless:

Get to know every package. That is, you first need to identify every 
RPM/DEB/whatever you'll need and then you inspect every single of these 
RPM/DEB/whatever and have a look at what programs and data it contains and 
which of these programs and data can be deleted (e.g. the kbd package 
contains a few megs of unnecessary data and lots of rarely used programs).

But I think it'll be best if you look for a Linux distribution that was meant 
to be booted from a USB drive in your case. Because the method described will 
take a few man-days. And if you don't know Linux /that/ well it'll take a few 


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