[syslinux] mbr?

Andreas Jellinghaus aj at ciphirelabs.com
Mon Jan 24 07:37:26 PST 2005

a bit unrelated, still I wonder:
does syslinux contain an mbr?
or does anyone know any app that contains an mbr and
can install it, without overwriting the partition table?

my experience is, that is wise to have an mbr and use
the active flag to select the active partition (which
might have a bootmanager installed). however every
linux distribution I know installed the bootloader
such as syslinux, lilo or grub directly into the
mbr with all those stupid traps you fall in, if you
(re-)install windows.

so I wonder: is there an mbr with syslinux? or can anyone
recommend any software that will do the equivalent of "fdisk /mbr"
(but install some current code that works with large disks)?

note: I know debian has an "mbr" package. that does nor than an
mbr is supposed to do, and is a potential security hole, if you
don't want to user to be able to choose which partition to boot
from. so it doesn't help me at all.

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Andreas

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