[syslinux] How to delay before mounting root filesystem

Kharisma Esguerra kharisma.esguerra at eppi.epson.com.ph
Tue Jan 25 07:31:13 PST 2005

im not exactly using an initrd since my scsi and usb support are already
inside the kernel. tried using patch but not working.

i also tried the initrd with only linuxrc stating "sleep 10" (including the
needed sash and sleep in the ramdisk bin folder). created an image
initrd-2.4.20-8.gz and placed it in my usb key (/boot/). so my lilo.conf
looks like this now.

  append="ip=off panic=5"

still, nothings change. my ramdisk didn't even load. is it me? ramdisk
support is also compiled with the kernel with a minimum ramdisk size of
8196. what am i missing?

i tried slackware 10 for usb. im reading the all the verbose message twice
during boot-up like its loading two kernels simultaneously.

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> My kernel was compiles with scsi and usb support built-in. My problem
> now is i can't mount my root filesystem when i tried to boot. kernel
> somehow takes time before being able to recognize my usb as a
> valid scsi device thus displaying
You just have to introduce a sleep (using a dietlib compiled one:
ftp://foobar.math.fu-berlin.de:2121/pub/dietlibc/bin-i386/sleep) into
your initrd (just after the module probing).
Erwan Velu
Consultant - Seanodes SA

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