[syslinux] Problems with isolinux.cfg

Paolo Salvan paolo.salvan at xvision.it
Tue Jan 25 08:52:25 PST 2005


I tried to do sometihng similar some time ago.... (to let my user base 
edit the http://thinstation.sf.net LiveCD to change the default config)

The problem is that changing the ISO of a BOOTABLE cd is a delicate 
thing, as there are in the CD some absolute reference that will be 
broken by the CD reorganization done by an ISO-editor after a change...
(in particular the pointers written by mkisofs in the headers of 
isolinux.bin, I think...)

A solution could have been to simply add another session... (files will 
remain in their place) but I've not been able to add a session to an CD 
burned from a .ISO (is there some reason these CD are "closed"?).

My solution is to copy all the file of the CD in a folder, change what I 
need, and relauncing "mkisofs" with all the options to get it 
bootable... This worked pretty well for me.

I can mail you a little "package" with mkisofs for windows and a .BAT 
that launch it with the correct params... let me know,



Jose Buzon Zarzuela ha scritto:
> hi!
> I´m working on a projekt ( unattended.sourceforge.net ) This is using a
> linuxboot.iso
> My problem is the following:
> I opened up the iso with winiso, extrcat the isolinux.cfg, edited it with vi
> for windows as follows:
> # isolinux/pxelinux configuration file
> default unattended
> label unattended
>         kernel bzImage
> # Add options (z_user=..., z_path=..., etc.) to this line.
>         append initrd=initrd z_path=\\server\install z_user=user z_pass=pwd
> (it is all in one line)
> Saved it put it back in the iso burned ( like 100times ) start the machine
> but the only thing i see on the monitor is :
> Isolinux2.10 2.10-pre7
> Nothing more is happening!!!Can someone help??

Paolo Salvan
X v i s i o n
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35127 - Padova - Italy
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